Cooperative Learning With Like-Minded People

No matter how far people travel to get here (we’ve had folks from Boston to California and Montreal to Brazil), we bring together educators ready to explore, share ideas, and add to their teacher tool belts. As one recent attendee said, “I feel like I’ve finally found my tribe”. Surround yourself with people like you — eager to embed meaningful maker curriculum and pedagogy into your classroom, and into the greater school community.


David Saunders, The Fenn School

“Making by itself is insufficient without a focus on critical thinking and intentionality. I’ve attended and facilitated lots of PD focused on makerspaces and design thinking. EXPLO was by far the most impactful. The camp was full of thoughtful projects run by ridiculously talented trainers. I’d come back next week too, if they’d let me.”


Elizabeth Stockwood, Concord Middle School

“It was, quite simply, fantastic. It wasn’t just a sharing of materials and project ideas. It really got to the heart of how a maker mindset can be combined with inquiry to increase student engagement across any curricular direction! As a librarian, I’m constantly looking for opportunities to incorporate our knowledge into learning experiences. I loved the element of storytelling and I’m excited to see how we can embed this into an English class.”



Jenn Gatti, Buckingham Browne & Nichols

“This is the best workshop that I have ever taken! It is educational, informative and practical. I have felt intimidated by the idea of creative making and incorporating it into the classroom, but now I feel like it is something I can do. I am also wowed by EXPLO’s generosity with their time, ideas, lessons and collaboration.”

Anton Mates, McClymonds High School

“Making can be done very cheaply without looking cheap, and can reinforce insecure participants in their confidence. You guys are INCREDIBLY generous with both your time and materials. You’re infinitely flexible about adapting your ideas to fit our needs”.



Owen Boynton, Morristown-Beard School

“I learned how makerspaces are invaluable for education because they let us shake off habit, language, and numbing familiarity: they let students (and teachers) see concepts, connections, texts, ideas, and the processes of thinking and learning afresh, so that we can better introduce, refresh, anchor, and reinforce the foundations of what we are teaching.”

Meg McLean, The Park School

“Networking and sharing with like-minded educators was so inspirational. I feel so energized, excited, and skilled! You’ve helped me tap into being “fun” in my classroom and I feel less intimidated by materials and tools. You are all so talented and thoughtful -- best PD I have done in a while!”



Jill Codding, Shore Country Day School

“I was reminded that ‘making’ is not just using technology. It’s both low and high tech but most importantly, it is thinking made tangible with whatever is at hand. Every day I was pushed to think creatively and collaboratively and was always excited to learn more -- exactly the experience students should have.”

Pat Townsend, Dana Hall School

“I loved the hands-on activities that we did everyday because it allowed me to see things through the student’s perspective. I got lots of great ideas on how to help other teachers think of ways to include critical making in their classrooms.”